Some of Spain’s Best Sailing ®

Peter SeidenbergWhat brings thousands of enthusiasts to the Bay of Roses every year are the conditions that make it one of the most privileged zones in all of Spain for sailing and the other nautical and aquatic sports.

What those who were here – and are able to compare with other locations around the globe – have to say about our waters, winds as well as our town are words that should carry weight.

Take Peter Seidenberg, 8-time Laser World Masters Champion, and his glowing endorsement!

When I heard that this regatta would again take place in Roses, Spain, I decided to take part in it … Having competed in the  2007 Masters World Championship there five years ago, I remembered the beautiful location of Roses on a big bay open to the east at the foot of the Pyrenees where they meet the Mediterranean Sea, close to the French border. I remembered the breathtaking coastline, also known as the Costa Brava, NE of Barcelona, dotted with medieval fortresses and ancient Greek and Roman settlement remains. I remembered the tourist-friendly atmosphere of this quaint village, with its narrow streets and huge number of restaurants and shops. I remembered the spacious boat storage on a wide beach in front of the town, with a dozen wooden gangways laid out on the sand between the boats and adequate number of water hoses. But above all, I remembered the beautiful sailing conditions on the Bay of Roses in the dependable easterly sea breezes.

Read Peter’s full report on!


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