Roses Beach

The Catalan names of the dominant winds in this part of the Emporda reveal much about their characteristics.

Migjorn (S): a thermal wind that starts at midday (migjiorn in Catalan) – predominantly during the summer

Garbi (SW): a thermal wind that is capable of tumbling the sheaves (garbes) in the grain fields – typical in spring

Llevant (E): winds that blow from where the sun rises (llevar) and occasionally bring a lot of moisture with it

Tramuntana (N): wind that comes from beyond the mountain (the Pyrenees) – sometimes very strong and with a firm command over the local weather

Ponent (W): winds that blow from where the sun sets (posar)

The other winds – the Mestral (NW), Gregal (NE) and Xaloc (SE) – are far less frequent in the Bay of Roses.

Of the entire bay, it is Roses that is best protected from the strongest winds and the choppiest sea.

Thermal winds are virtually guaranteed between the months of March and September. The Tramuntana can prevail for several days and be very strong (force 8+). However, this occurs predominantly during the winter months, between November and February.


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