The Mediterranean Masters Week begins!

The Mediterranean Masters Week begins!

Busy morning at the GEN office. Arrival of the competitors taking part at the Laser regattas. Old friends meet, memories from other regattas are recalled, a fantastic shinny day… Everybody is ready now!


The Inaugural Edition

FonsMagenta®The inaugural edition of the Mediterranean Masters Week ® takes place from 21 to 29 September 2013.

Be here for the hour zero of  an event that is to become an annual fixture in the sporting calendar for veteran skippers in all classes!

GEN – the Nautical Sports Group Roses – has long been an acclaimed host and organizer of major international events in sailing and windsurfing. World and European Championships in different disciplines and classes are the pinnacles in an impressive history of GEN staging contests on a field of play that deserves the praise it gets from the participants.

Perennial events such as the Mediterranean Deep Sea Fishing Challenge or the Travessia all have their loyal following and participants who schedule their vacations around them.

With the Mediterranean Masters Week (MMW) too, GEN endeavors to combine the earnest of challenging regattas with the fun and relaxation of a short break taken at the end of the summer. As it has proven time and again, GEN can count on the main ingredients for both to meet high expectations on the part of  the participants.

Impeccable regatta grounds are surrounded by a solid infrastructure providing it all: from a full range of accommodations to the opportunities for leisure and pleasure. And meteorological data gathered over years backs up a wind and weather guarantee for the period too.

In its inaugural edition, MMW includes regattas in different classes held on determined days between Saturday 21 September and Sunday 29 September. Masters of all ages are invited to participate and to join the GENt de Mar in this exciting new venture that lets enthusiasts from around the world enjoy the Bay of Roses – as well as the town that gives it its name.